The Law Office of Jeremy T. Robin
The Law Office of Jeremy T. Robin provides individualized attention to clients in housing, consumer protection-related disputes, and licensure proceedings.

While no lawyer can guarantee results, we can guarantee our unique responsiveness to your needs by promptly responding to communications and by treating your matter with the utmost seriousness and sensitivity. As a small firm, we can therefore provide individualized attention at a reasonable cost.

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the spoken word. Our success depends on satisfying your needs. Contact us today!

Legal Services

  • Housing
    • Evictions
    • Representation of Landlord/Tenant
    • Lease Issues
    • Disputes
  • Estate Planning
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Durable Power of Attorney
    • Health Care Proxy
  • Real Estate
    • Sales of Residential & Commercial Properties
    • Condominium Issues
  • Administrative
    • Consumer Protection
    • Administrative Proceedings
    • Licensing Issues

Attorney Jeremy T. Robin, Esq.

About the Firm

Attorney Jeremy Robin established this firm in 1997 with the simple objective of running a people oriented practice. His first office in downtown Boston was just large enough for a small desk and file cabinet. He has since developed a thriving practice placing a premium on responsiveness and compassion to clients' needs. He has handled several high-profile cases which received television, radio, and newspaper coverage. Due to the personal attention they receive, most clients have hired Attorney Robin for subsequent legal matters.


Attorney Robin is a graduate of Colgate University (1992) and New England Law (1995), where he was an editor of the Journal. He was a board member of the National Lawyers Guild (Lawyer Referral Service), is affiliated with the Boston Bar and Massachusetts Bar Associations, and is a member of the U.S. District Court and the Supreme Court Bars.

Attorney Robin is the accomplished author of Unlearning Law School: The Key to Running Your Own Office, a guide for lawyers interested in opening a solo practice. Unlearning Law School has achieved a widespread circulation in law school classrooms and online, and is the subject of Attorney Robin’s frequent lectures to law students. His second book, The Lawyer Within: Successful Self-Advocacy Techniques, was published in the Spring of 2011 and is available for purchase.

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